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7 Things One Should Have In Their Mind Which They Usually Don’t.

Almost everyone wakes up in the morning with an intention for each day,only a few completes it.It’s never been easy for one to plan a day and get along with it.Of course, I fit into that category.Undoubtedly the plans for the present are for the future.But I haven’t realized what would be my past if I keep going for the future in the present and one day if there is no future?

That’s when I have noticed the priority of the PRESENT.It has the power of becoming past and the future.I had a change after following these 7 things which made my past digesting and I am sure that these points would definitely make a big difference in my future and as well as yours if you follow.

1.Be Your Own Boss

Being a BOSS of your own needs master skills.Make up your heart to obey whatever you say and Don’t let others deal your business,try to remember the fact that it is your own life.When you let others inside your inner world you will end up in watching them play your game where you will be thoughtless,blaming life later wouldn’t be a wise thing.Be clear in WHAT YOU WANT AND WHERE YOU WANT TO GO,master yourself accordingly.


2.Remain Within A Smaller Circle

You would have crossed a point in life,where there comes a matter of TRUST,it handles a lot of stuff in relationshipsYou must always be aware of the people you are surrounded with.Having a large circle of people would at any point in your life makes you regretSo,it’s always better to have a smaller circle with chosen people who could value your life.And keep in your mind that the value of circle doesn’t lie in the diameter rather it is based on how well you define your perimeter. A person with a limited number of people around himĀ  could get rid off so many unwanted problems .

3.Self Pity Is Your Enemy

I strongly believe that self-pity is the most dangerous thing which puts you down in your life.Never worry about the state of your life because the lord had blessed you with the best in this world. Wherein many don’t even get their basic needs. I bet it definitely ruins your present and your future.It makes you look sad always.Hear only the positivism of your inner voice and suppress the negativity.

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4.No Options For What You Deserve

Never agree to any compensation when it comes to your dream.Stick on with what you want.You may feel satisfied with what you have,but don’t forget that your dream has got its own value.DEMAND WHAT YOU DESERVE !!!. All that you get optionally is definitely temporary,and it fades away.Always remember that you are better than what you think.So,keep your dreams strictly unique.As you grow up you see the real difficulty in reaching the goals,but nothing is harder in this world and if it was impossible it wouldn’t even exist in this world.

5.Look Back At Your Past Often

People say ‘never look back’,’ past is past’,’ past is not going to come into your future’.I strictly disagree,the past is what that gives you experience which you should gain fruitfully.Always look back at your past so that you could learn from your mistakes.Since life is a circle it repeats our past in a different scene and that is where you should not make the same mistakes that had been done previously.Always rewind,mark the incidents in your mind which changed your life and made you regret.DO NOT REPEAT!! And let the past does not decide on your future


6.Keep Your Ears Sharp

Again a different piece of an idea,don’t ignore what people talk about you on you back instead listen to them.Analyze the level of truth behind it and get to know where you stand.Others talk about you only if they envy you or if they want something from you.In both cases, you will definitely not get the real truth behind your success.They either curse or bless,think on it.One should definitely have the knowledge about themselves from his/her environment which helps them in carving their future.Do not talk about others business which will keep your circle limited.


7.Not Everything Goes Accordingly

And finally,have in mind that not everything goes according to our plan. It is not in our hand.Clearly understand that whatever falls ahead in the path of your life, follow the ideas that I have mentioned above ,you will definitely not fail or regret your past which makes your present and future calm.If you see your life taking a big U-turn,close your eyes and always tell yourself that you are your own boss who is responsible for everything that happened so far.And thus you have the power for setting this right in your life again.Never have a regret rather fill yourselves with ideas that won’t work for your life from your experiences.When things don’t go the way it is been planned as,replace it with a new set of rules and regulations and make sure that YOU frame them this time and not the others.


All these points are from my opinion and if you have any diffrent opinion share with me.